Positive Review - A Jewel in a Quaint Mountain Village

Positive Review - A Jewel in a Quaint Mountain Village
On the same year as Red Feather Lake's 100th anniversary, we recieved a positive review from a local visitor, Cynthia Helling (not pictured) who submitted a newsletter to the publication North 48. While it is still unknown whether or not the submission will be published or not, we were given a copy as a testament of her esteem and impression of our Red Feather Lakes location. Thank you so much for the review on our behalf and you are always welcome at our table!

"Red Feather Lakes is an unincorporated dirt road village in north central Colorado.  You'll find the needed real estate offices, nice gift shops, full service groceries and eateries. 

Red Feather is also home to a hidden gem not found in most small mountain villages...the Mediterranean Table! Now entering their fifth year of operation with an inviting retail store space fronted by a charming pergola, owners Glenn and Maribeth Wagner welcome you to their slice of the Mediterranean. 

The back story includes an association from 2011 with Sogno Toscano - a family farm in Bolgheri, Tuscany. The Sogno Toscano company scours unique regions throughout Italy to find the very best Italian cooking ingredients and cosmetics which are valuable additions to what is already being cultivated at the Bolgheri estate in Tuscany.  Glenn and Maribeth became part of the family while wearing various hats like comptroller and sales manager for AJ's fine foods, a gourmet food retailer for Sogno Toscan.  All of the fine Italian products offered at the Mediterranean Table are a part of the Mediterranean diet - for instance all of the homemade pastas in the store are made with durum wheat. This unique boutique grocery and fine gift shop offers an interesting selection of products sourced from small Italian family farm producers including gourmet jams, pastas, top of the line olive oils and balsamics, pannetone desserts, Tuscan delicacies and beautiful jewelry.

Additionally this unexpected surprise of a boutique grocery is connected to the Villa Bastaio featuring three full bathrooms and five bedrooms along with cooking classes, wine tours, and a private chef all near the village of Bolgheri in Italy. The Mediterranean Table is your connection to renting this pocketbook friendly villa for you and your family, or several good friends.

Glenn and Maribeth's love for good food and travel created their desire to share this passion by creating The Mediterranean Table boutique in the quaint mountain village of Red Feather Lakes, CO.  The Mediterranean Table is open from May through October and invites you to come sit a spell under their charming Pergola.  Your gang will enjoy this unique boutique in the heart of the village of Red Feather also offering incredible mountain and lake scenery, several local restaurants and bars, country club dining and golfing, live entertainment venues, horseback riding, hiking, fishing and cool summer mountain breezes."