Lemon olive oil uses

Lemon olive oil uses

Lemon and olive oil can have beneficial effects on your body. These two combined can transform into a natural remedy as it has detoxifying properties. Drinking it, preferably in the morning, can remove all the toxins from your body and provides a surplus mix of nutrients that can keep you healthy and fit.

Benefits of Lemon olive oil:

Body detoxification:

As described above, lemon olive oil can have detoxifying properties. These both can remove all the toxins from the body and keep the liver and gallbladder healthy so that they keep functioning properly.

Prevention of early aging:

You can experience aging very early in your life, if your body is deficient of certain nutrients. Lemon and olive oil contains certain nutrients and antioxidants that can prevent early aging. These both nutrients contain one of the most important nutrients, vitamin E, which is one of the best antioxidants that can delay the aging process.

Fights digestive problems:

This remedy helps in curing problems like constipation and other related digestive complications. Olive oil is known for its laxative properties, while lemon can lower the risks of inflammation and improves bowel movements. This remedy taken on an empty stomach in the morning can aid in curing the problem of gas, abdominal distress and acidity.

Cholesterol control:

Olive oil contains the healthy fats that are extremely essential for regulating serum lipids and prevents the build up of bad fats in the arteries. Olive oil eliminates bad cholesterol and provides good cholesterol which helps in the balance of triglycerides in the body.

Joint pain reduction:

As discussed earlier, these both ingredients provide a wide range of essential nutrients and antioxidants that can help in lowering the risks of arthritis. Furthermore. Lemon contains anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the inflammation of the joints. Drinking it on an empty stomach daily can reduce the recurring events of joint pain.

Facilitate abdominal fat loss:

While this remedy itself cannot reduce abdominal fat, it can act as a supplement that promotes abdominal fat loss. The detoxifying properties these two ingredients hold, can keep the two fat metabolizing and digestive organs; liver and gallbladder; healthy and improves their performance. The fatty acids produced by these organs have satiating power that gives you the feeling of being full that helps in your weight loss. These same acids also break down the accumulated fats in abdominal regions.

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