Mediterranean Pantry Must Haves
Mediterranean Table offers a wide variety of must-have pantry items to stock in your kitchen! Create genuine Italian cuisine with our truffle sauce, black olives, pesto Genovese, hot sauce, and more. Authentic to the Mediterranean region, these staples will bring your kitchen creation from good to great.
Truffle Butter
Experience the luxury taste of truffle butter in your meals. Pair this tasty sauce with pasta, eggs, meats, and much more to elevate your cuisine. We value authentic staples that will bring Italy into your kitchen. Some truffle butter is made from synthetic chemicals, but our savory selection is 100% authentic and imported directly from Italy. This sauce will bring rich flavor into whatever dish you plan to create. 
As a staple in the Mediterranean diet, you can’t forget the olives in your dishes. Olives provide a myriad of benefits to the body! They also add just as much benefit in flavor to your main entrees and appetizers. 
Mediterranean Cookbooks And More!
Don’t forget the recipes! We offer unique cookbooks filled with genuine Italian meals to fill your kitchen. If you are looking to add a little kick to your dinner, check out our Italian hot sauce. Filled with all of the needed kitchen staples, Mediterranean Table is your go-to for Italian foods. With many items being from the Sogno Toscano brand, we value top quality for our customers. When you need to restock your pantry, we’ve got it all for Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. From bruschetta and pesto Genovese to cherry and sun-dried tomatoes and arborio rice, the only thing missing is your special touch. Shop our online store or visit us our booth in person at our festival appearances to buy your new pantry staples!