What's New

Mediterranean Table is excited to announce our new collection of souvenirs and gifts, featuring beautiful jewelry and other unique treasures! Our store has always been a destination for those who appreciate the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean, and now we are pleased to offer a wider variety of items that capture the essence of this stunning region.

In addition to our new jewelry collection, we have also expanded our selection of dry goods and other souvenirs. Our inventory is now stocked with an even wider variety of high-quality olive oils, spices, and other culinary delights, as well as unique home decor items, including handmade ceramics and artisanal glassware.

At Mediterranean Table, we believe that our souvenirs and gifts are more than just objects to be purchased and taken home. They are a way to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle and bring a piece of it into your own home. If you are hoping to take a piece of the Mediterranean home with you, we invite you to come and explore our store and discover the treasures that await.