Our Story

Welcome to Mediterranean Table! Since 1923, we have been producing the finest Italian foods and making them available to all. We invite you to join us on this culinary journey that will take you on a trip through the Mediterranean right in your very own kitchen.
As the founders of Mediterranean Table, Glenn and Maribeth Wagner started selling genuine Italian kitchen staples and beauty products as a way to share their love of this exquisite flavor with family and friends. Over time, it has grown into an online store and a trade show circuit both in Arizona and the beautiful Red Feather Lakes area of Colorado. You can also find their products at various farmers’ markets, art and wine festivals, and culinary events.
Our Mission
Our mission is to share our love and passion for food and travel with as many people as we can. Each region provides a sweet taste of Italian cuisine. The Amalfi Coast boasts of large sweet lemons while the city of Genoa grows beautifully fragrant basil. At the “toe” of Italy, you can find Calabrian peppers, the perfect addition of spiciness to any recipe.
We not only wish that you can experience the true authenticity and flavor of genuine Italian cuisine but also partake in being a part of our culinary family. To achieve the richest flavor, all of our ingredients are 100% handpicked and organic. You won’t find this quality of ingredients for Italian cuisine  at your local grocery store. We sell genuine artisanal olive oils, pasta, spices, and other Mediterranean pantry staples directly from Italy to our respected customers and chefs alike. We are also proud to sell beauty products directly from Italy. The Bellezza brand is unique to our store, so you won’t find these revitalizing products anywhere else.
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From our family to yours, “Mangia Bene, ridi spesso, ama molto.”
(Eat well, laugh often, and love much.)
Glenn and Maribeth Wagner