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Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray, 8 fl. oz.

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Made in Italy, our Black Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray preserves all the genuine qualities of a traditional bottle of oil while giving you greater control in adding just the right amount for your dish. Our “bag in bottle” system protects the oil, so you can spray lightly and evenly, without propellants, aerosol, or additives. The bag also protects the oil from exposure to air and light, keeping it fresher longer. Mediterranean Table oil spray is non-GMO and full of powerful antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids; perfect for adding to every meal. Also spray onto finished foods for a beautiful appearance as well as great taste. Our spray bottles bring all of the healthy benefits of extra virgin olive oil to your dishes — in just the right amounts for the recipes you love.

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